mercredi 15 mai 2013

An update on the real reasons for the existence of the Universe

So here we are. A first update for over a year ...if not two. But hey! I have a life

If you still wonder "what the heck is Pintador?". Actually,   it is a contraption from two spanish words : pintor (painter) and toreador (bull fighter). Let's just say that this parallels my views of art.

I try to organize my art by subject ...more or less :

I work with traditional art on canvas (acrylics, oils, and mixed media) and in the digital realm. Sometimes, I start in one to finish with the other. I welcome with great pleasure any constructive critique and I'm open to discussions and advice (en français, in English, en español, po polsku). On the other hand, I can't stand "bitching" just because you don't like my titles or you don't understand my art-rendered critiques.

So, my blog is now officially open (going on four years now). With time, I will be adding new paintings, some techniques I find useful when working digitally, either in Corel Painter or Corel Draw, and links to interesting Web pages on different subjects. 

Never Whole (Auto-portrait of an immigrant) - Jarek ©
Techniques mixed on canvas 14"x18" ...during Immi-té-Gration exposition