Interesting Links and Friends

  • Cartoons of Benoit Leblanc : this molecular biology guy knows how to draw and to spin a laboratory experience into humor.
  • Laurène Bastet's Blog : hey, another molecular biologist & artist dans l'âme, if you like something sensual, weird and poetically inspiring, then don't miss Laurène's blog.     
  • Skip Allen's Blog : great place for those of you who want to learn few tricks and some real technical-hardcore stuff about Corel Painter.
  • Corel Painter Resource Blog : I don't think an explanation is required.
  • Jitter Brush : another place with resources for Corel Painter, with good collection of brushes, advises and links.
  • Chris' Brush Blog : great site for those who would like to understand how the Corel Painter brushes work.
  • Painter Factory : discussion forum about Corel Painter and all those little things that make it a wonderful experience.
  • Seegmiller Art : great and funny drawings.

Some Of My Favorite artists


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